satisfaction guarantee

You Can't Go Wrong - CMC will refund the purchase price of any unaltered drop-in AR-15 trigger module within 30 days of purchase. Offer applies to purchases direct from CMC or participating dealers only. Products returned from dealers to CMC for credit must include proof of the customer's purchase. Refund offer does not include cost of shipping, handling, or other ancillary charges. Participating dealers are responsible for refunding their customers. CMC will be responsible for refunding the CMC dealer upon receipt of the returned products.


how to order

1.) Locate the trigger that fits your AR-15 or AR-10.

Visit our products page to locate the trigger that will fit your AR-15 or AR-10. Then, select whether you'd like a curved or flat trigger...

2.) Locate a retail store or online distributor.

Once you have found the trigger you would like to purchase, visit our distributor's page to find a retail store or online distributor...

3.) order your trigger.

Specify the trigger that you would like to order with one of our distributors, then purchase and place your order through our distributor's sites. If you need assistance, please call us at (817) 563-6611 or email us at

4.) Install your new cmc trigger!

Once you receive your trigger, you can quickly install your trigger and, after a safety check, start using your trigger right away! FOR INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS, CLICK HERE!

Still have questions? Call us or email us today!