"Installed my first CMC flat trigger in a custom built 16" AR-15 and it is by far, the best aftermarket item I have added to a rifle! I love the consistency, reliability and workmanship that went into it."
~ Rodger Woods, Certified AR-15 Armorer

​"Last year I ordered a CMC Trigger for my Patrol Rifle and was amazed at the quality and function of the trigger, I have taught several rifle classes and have shot many rounds through my rifle since installing the CMC trigger with no problems or failures even when shooting military and NATO ammo. It works every time. CMC Triggers customer service is fantastic, the best I have experienced in many years. You build a product that I bet my life on and I won't use anything else. Thank You!"
~ Captain Greg McAlpin, Lamar County Sheriff's Office | Mississippi

​"Just wanted to let you know I was very impressed with the drop in trigger for my DPMS .260 AR. Its like shooting a different gun. I will be needing one for a .308 real soon!"
~ Mark Hanna, Deputy Constable | Hays County, TX

​"I had the opportunity to utilize the CMC trigger in the Afghanistan environment this year. I must say it held up very well and delivered what I called the required "edge" for the employment of my SDM-R (Squad Designated Marksman-Rifle).
The weapon system was a true shooter in 5.56 and when used in conjunction with the M262 Mod1 77gr Heavy ammunition it took its toll on the enemy. I believe that the use of your trigger gave me the edge past 300 meters. Holding targets past that range required a trigger that was solid and let off at the same pull every time. NO EXCEPTION! Even more so is the requirement to be less than the standard 7-9 lbs so real marksmanship can be accomplished. Thank you for the opportunity to use the CMC trigger and to bring hell to our enemies."
~ Lt. Colonel | US Army NG

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